your missing link from posh to practical
we are not recommended for UNESCO World
Heritage status yet
although we are making this fine gorgeous bags
stylish for boulevard, cafe and clubbing
handsome and roomy for shopping
and sure adequate for campus,
office and travel
manufactured solicitous
in traditional craftsmanship
compounded with bag maker
non-woven fleece material
enhanced at all critical parts
and above all
produced in a good mood
get focused
on this ingenious lock
which is really a miracle
an innovation of german
engineering skill from the 1920's
built for one-hand operation
will keep your stuff safe
while the other hand
still can shake your smartphone
or do guerilla gardening
all in all a comfort zone
the bag is crafted from
strong high-grade premium
materials with the soft touch
of velvet and velour
and the tough strength it needs
for your daily routine
transporting your smartphone
other mobile devices and valuables
safe to any place you're headed for
keep on
don't be shy
express your attitude

for the team
strapped gently
with a wide smooth belt
long enough to wear
comfortable even cross body
tagged with our genuine quality label
hard-boiled tested
during an one year peroid of time
under intense reckless conditions
verifying the everyday suitability
found to be good
and strictly animal product free
various lock options
so even big chunks
are easy to handle
generous space offer
inside for overview and comfort
a zipper bag on the back
for the safty of your treasures
one like no other
and no one like the other
unexcitedly elegant
flamboyant expressive
and appropriate casual
a stylish delight
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